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Antique shops take centerstage in Waynesville. Come see why we are known as the Antique Capital of the Midwest  with over 26 antique stores and specialty shops

Cultural Sites


We may be small but there is a rich history in Waynesville. Take the Underground Railroad Walking Tour featuring 12 unique sites or visit the Pioneer Village is one cultural site in town that is preserving a large collection of early Ohio log homes and artifacts.

Bird Watching


More than 230 species can be spotted around town and in nearby nature reserves including almost all of the birds commonly seen in southwest Ohio

Ghost Tours


Tour guides recount stories that defy explanation, some linked to historically based legends from the area’s unique and fascinating past

Biking Trails


Connect with the The Little Miami Scenic Trail  which is the fourth longest paved trail in the United States, running 78.1 miles!

Check out the Ohio to Erie Friends of the Trail Page:



Caesar Creek Park and Lake is a great place for family and friends to enjoy the trails and water. Boating, hiking, camping and much more!

Plan your visit by visiting their site:

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